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How Much is ABC24 Really Costing Us?

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STORY: The Final Outcome- ABCNews24

What is the true cost of the ABC’s 24 hour television news service, ABCNews24? It is a question that has preoccupied ABC watchers for over a year now, since the… Read the published story »

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A Little More Progress

posted by Margaret Simons at Wednesday, May 11, 2011

 There is a little more progress to report on my FoI request to the ABC. Having initially claimed that they could not answer my question about how much ABC24 cost, due to the request being too voluminous, I entered into some negotiations. A few days ago, I got an email from the FoI officer that said:

"∙         In relation to the set-up costs of ABC News24, I have identified documents which show, amongst other things, the estimated costs of establishing and operating ABC News24.  

∙         In relation to the actual cost of establishing and operating ABC News24, the ABC’s accounting systems are not structured by platform or channel. My understanding is that the actual costs of ABC News24 are intermingled with other cost areas and it is not possible to isolate all of  the particular costs which could be attributed to ABC News24. 

∙         I will explore whether there are documents which show comparative News budget/spend in the years before and after ABC News24 was established.  

I will proceed to make a decision regarding access to these documents, and notify you of that decision as soon as practicable."

So here's hoping. I will keep you tabbed. 



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