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CFS Sufferers: Living Corpses left for Dead

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STORY: In Search of Non-Toxic Housing for Health’s Sake

Monbulk, Victoria. - A drive to the Dandenong Ranges is usually something to look forward to when in Melbourne, Australia. It's a big tourist attraction with rainforest, the old Puffing… Read the published story »

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$878.00 donated by 17 people

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Created 08.23.10
Fiona Oliphant
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Toula Mantis

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I have worked as a journalist since the late 1980s specialising in science, information technologies and telecommunications. By 1994, I was privileged to be the media manager for the Australian Telecommunications User's Group and responsible for the public launch of the Internet in Australia. Shortly afterwards, I was fortunate to be the value added services product manager for Vodafone Australia where I was responsible for the management of the development and launch of the world's first GSM mobile Internet service. These two events catapulted my career until I returned from a business trip to the Philippines. My health began to deteriorate and I found myself fighting for my life. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

From this experience, I became acquainted with the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society of Australia (Victoria) and its many members and have been astounded at the stories they had to tell - stories that resembled those from underprivileged third world countries rather than those associated with our lucky country, Australia.

Further, as a CFS sufferer, I was able to experience the medical health system and the medical legal system first hand. It left me aghast.

In 2007, I was privileged to make a request for a CFS specialist medical and recovery centre on behalf of sufferers to the Victorian Health Minister, Daniel Andrews. Several months later, it resulted in a house being given to one of the sufferers due to their appalling individual circumstances. The request for the centre remains.

Finally, I have the support of ME/CFS Australia (Victoria) Chief Executive Officer, Penny Abrahams, and many of the CFS sufferers themselves to embark on this project given my skillset and, in particular, my understanding of their plight.

Each of the ten (10) individual stories will be produced as soon as funding becomes available on a per story basis (@ $878 per story) in the form agreed to by the CFS sufferer (due to the sensitivity of the subject matter). The selection will be made based on the ten (10) most common plights faced by CFS sufferers on a daily basis.

That is, stories will be provided in four styles comprising of the following:

(1) Text only - 800 words

(2) Text and pic - 800 words and 1 pic

(3) Text and audio - 600 words and 3 minutes of audio plus 1 pic

(4) Text and video - 600 words and 2 minutes of video